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General Contracting

Ledge Removal

General Contracting

Ledge Removal

A. F. Pacillo Ledge Removal Services

We offer ledge removal/hammer rental services ranging from 500 ft-lb-12,000ft-lb hydraulic breakers.

Founded 1988.

Ledge Removal Capabilities

Listed below are some of our ledge removal capabilities. If your desired method of ledge removal is not listed below, contact us!

Featured Services

Curious about the kind of projects we take on? Take a look at some of our typical ledge removal project types.

Our General Ledge Removal Process.

Established 1988.


A. F. Pacillo will come out to your site and do a proper walk and estimate in order to generate the most accurate estimate possible. We take pride in precision.


In order to remove as much ledge as possible, we often begin many projects with controlled blasting. We only use the most qualified professionals and effectively control debris.


In order to crush the stone as fine as possible, A. F. Pacillo hammers and crushes the stone using hydraulic hammers. We have breakers that go up to 12,000 ft-lbs.

Haul & Removal

Following the hammering, we haul and remove all debris from the site in order to leave the most pristine canvas possible. We take an immense amount of pride in leaving no trace.

Request An Estimate.

Please utilize the form below in order to begin the Estimate Process for your next Ledge Removal project. Thank you!